Extraa Time is an arena for all sporting needs such as Football, Cricket, Snooker & Basketball. It also has its own cafe & offers fast food. It's launched in a prime location and incurs a significant rent. It has also invested heavily in AstroTurf grass & other sports amenities. Its target market is primarily young people between the age group of 16 to 24 years; mostly school & college students.


Extraa Time was newly launched & it had to attract a significant footfall. Since it was paying a massive monthly rent, it aimed to draw attention & interest in a short span of time. Initially, Extraa Time relied on freelancers for their graphic designing work. However, soon this proposition proved expensive for them. Also they needed faster turn-around. Getting work done from freelancers created hassles in marketing themselves faster & in an efficient way.

What Make Any Design did:

We, at Make Any Design, stepped in to provide quality graphic designs faster & cheaper. We quickly got on to design flyers, e-invites, standees to create awareness. Since we had to cater to a young audience, we designed using vibrant, friendly colour palette & contemporary font styles. E-invite was designed using football ground as a background to make it appealing to sports enthusiasts. Extraa Time also conducted a number of activities to generate a buzz. MakeAnyDesign created attractive flyer & poster designsinviting youngsters to experience the activities. Each design requested by Extraa Time was delivered within 2 business days. Submission of revisions was also seamless & delivered timely. We also createda menu for their café, which expressed the personality of sports arena. Pictures of snacks were vividly used while designing the menu to entice customers. In order to set the correct vibe& ambiance, small sized banners with catchy slogans and quotations in the theme of sports arena were also designed.

extraatime flyer design with green background
extraa time flyer design for promotions
extraatime opening promotional post design


Before you know it, Extraa Time became a hot-spot for sports enthusiasts. The flyers, standees & social media posts drew positive attention & attracted high volume of bookings. Banners with catchy slogans and quotations were well perceived and highly effective as it formed an integral part of the visitor's social media posts and in turn helped Extraa Time to increase its social media footprint. Using our designs, it was able to grab the students' interest very quickly. So much so, its slots are usually booked much in advance. Extraa Time was reported to be a successful venture in no time.

extraatime banner ads design

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