Nowadays, the world has become a close-knitted network. The Internet has made everything available at our finger-tips. Be it ordering a product, requesting a service or even an experience, everything is easily accessible to consumers. In this global world, even a business can run with collaboration of a talent pool from varied corners. In the context of graphic designing too, the businesses can outsource their designing work to freelancers or graphic design agencies. But, a substantial entrepreneurial decision relates to whether they should hire a freelancer or a graphic design company? The answer seems to be a little complicated and subjective but we will try to highlight the points that could help one make the correct decision.

Size Of Business

Graphic design is a unique challenge for small scale enterprises owing to limited resources. They are often strapped for cash, crunched for time and slammed with responsibilities. This kind of lean and agile operations need to find partners who can help them create their marketing material, stationery, packaging, logo, social media posts, etc. to market their businesses effectively. Freelancers &agencies seek to bridge this gap with their special packages created especially for small scale companies. Both can provide them a cost-effective solution for all their artwork needs.

Volume & Type Of Work

When the customer requires a variety of designing tasks to be done, hiring an agency could be beneficial because they can provide an array of services compared to a freelancer who usually provides a specialized service only. Also since an agency can handle multiple tasks at a time due to greater human resources available, it can prove to be a better alternative.

Customization Of Scope Of Work

Usually, freelancers are considered to be more flexible and accommodating as compared to agencies because the creative process is a little informal with the freelancers. The agencies usually have a fixed scheme of tasks that may or may not have customization available.


A freelancer might not be able to stick to deadlines because of the dearth of manpower to manage multiple tasks at a time. However, agencies commit to deadlines due to the availability of multiple designers & better time management.


Freelancers could be pocket-friendly and hiring them seems to be the viable option available when there are budgetary constraints. Graphic designing companies may charge on hourly basis & may prove expensive. However, new-age graphic designing websites have cropped up who cater to all budgets & charge a fixed, monthly, low rate for unlimited designing work.


Agencies are generally more reliable than freelancers because an agency has to go through all the licensing and incorporation norms and procedures that any other company has to go through. This lends a sense of credibility when hiring them. However, there is not much guarantee or credibility attached to a freelancer.

Therefore, you can hire a graphic designing freelancer or an agency depending on your business project & requirements. Outline your project with its goals & deadlines & keep a budget in mind & you are good to go.

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