Do you want to learn how to do social media design? Go through our design tips for beginners. Some of the best graphic designers use these tips to excel.

Humans are visual learners. When we scroll through social media, watch television, pass by a hoarding or surf the web, we see advertisements everywhere. But do we remember all of it? Do we remember what was the ad intended?

Yes, we do but only those which are appealing to our senses and which grab our attention towards it. Hence the advertiser should create content for the brand which not only sticks out but also makes a memorable impression.

Here are some social media graphic designing tips for beginners, so you can make sure that your content is not only gaining traffic but incorporating all elements required to create long-lasting impression.

Find and Commit to your goal.

The prior and the most important thing to creating social media post design is setting a goal. Setting up a goal will show you how to get things done. Let’s figure out what your goal is and how to work on it.

Let’s start by questioning yourself about your goal for social media design:

● What is your purpose for the graphic design content?
● Are you trying to increase sales?
● Do you want to gain more traffic to your website?

While questioning these, keep in mind who your target audience is. Keep a search over your competitors.

Here are some points you need to look before targeting your audience:

● Who is your target audience?

● Which social networking platforms does your audience use?

● Which device do they use, are they mobile phone users or desktop users?

● What are you trying to convey to your audience with social media post design?

● How do you want your audience to feel and what you want to invoke from them?

● What things do you want your audience to do after going through this design?

When you start knowing your target audience and the reason for your post, you will create a relevant design. So, remember, the only and the most important thing in creating a social media graphic design is “WHY”. After this all design elements will be considered as per this goal.

Color that matters.

Social Media Design for Good Deeds Day

The second most important thing is color, around 90% of snap judgments made about a product are based on color alone.

Color is a complex aspect of any social media design. It helps you to set the mood, create an atmosphere, convey emotions, and even evoke someone’s experiences from the past. Each color represents an emotion with it, you need to figure out what kind of emotion you want to express towards your viewers while browsing your content.

So what does your brand stand for? Is it innovative, funky or professional? Pick colors that you think your brand stands for and are appealing for your audience. Picking up the right one is a tough task and it plays a crucial role in your design. Relevant colors in your social media design will attract your target audience, such as youth, females etc.

An example from a brand Loulou & Tummie highlights their use of colors in their design to market target audience. This brand is known for its attractive and eye-catchy work and the way of use of colors to narrate story and emotions.

Heading towards the third point,

Size accordingly.

Badam Packaging Design

The other thing that matters in graphic design images is the exact size of your canvas. Each platform is different. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., require images with different specifications and types. Figure out where you are going to post your design before starting with it.

First, you need to know which size is perfect for a platform before putting it up there.
As per research here are some social platform tips which can help you in that:

● Instagram –
– Popular in youth.
– Size : 1080 x 1080 for post.
1080 x 1350 for portrait.

● Twitter –
– Popular among celebrities.
– Size : 1500 x 500 for header photo.
900 x 512 for the post.

● Facebook –
– Popular among the old generation.
– Size : 1200 x 630 for shared post.
180 x 180 for a profile picture.

● LinkedIn –
– Popular for business.
– Size : 1584 x 369 for banner image.
400 x 400 for a company profile picture.

● Pinterest –
– Popular for inspiring and new ideas.
– Size : 600 x 1260 for pins.
165 x 165 for profile picture.

Now you can easily figure out the sizes required for different platforms instead of resizing and working on them repeatedly.

Next we have,

Contrast It Better.

Social Media Design for Pizza Company

The proper balance of everything can make anything perfect. In social media graphic designs, you need everything to be balanced. And here I’m referring to contrast, the right amount of balanced light and dark can bring any social media graphic design content to life.

Contrast attracts the eye and can be used with colors, fonts, size, alignment and more.
Through the use of colors, you can simply implement contrast to your creative design images.

As an example, when we use a social media logo design of black colour over a white colour, it makes the content readable and visually appealing. The proper balance can make any social media graphic design content perfect.

The most attractive and impressive color combinations are the ones that oppose each other on the color wheel. A few pairs of them are plum purple with bright yellow, aqua blue with pinkish-red and magenta with light green. This enables social media designer to make it vibrant & vivid.

And if we talk about text, it’s also an important part of the contrast. Selection of text that contrasts well will help you to make your graphic catchy. The proper use of space around text, shapes and other elements can make your social media graphic design easy to read and eye catching.

Let’s take a simple fact. ‘You should always use a dark color font when you are using a light color as a background color’.

Moving ahead,


Social Media Design for Badam Company

A major proposition while building your brand is consistency. When you make your look and feel connected, your target audience will automatically get a clear understanding of what your brand is all about and what message it conveys.

However, if your content looks unsynchronized and is not able to relate the brand and its message, your audience will get confused about the company and its offerings and values.

Setting your goal in the beginning about design assets and color schemes will bring in consistency. Develop something that makes your followers recognize you on their social feed easily. Even your content should be synchronized. Keeping the content in the same pattern can be tough but establishing a well-built brand identity will be worth it.

The best way to keep uniformity is by creating templates for promotions, sales, quick quotes, announcements by taking considerable time. This will make the brand easily recognizable by social media followers.

The idea of uniformity is connecting the social media graphic design with the firm so that the audience can recognize the brand on any platform.

Moving to next,

Keeping It Simple.

Coffee Packaging Design

The most agreed tip for social media graphic designing is to keep it simple.

You can avoid your social media graphic flash flood by:

● Applying white space to a contrast with a colorful and bold element in the design
● Reduce fonts to up to two, one for heading and the other for body text.

● Use two to three contrasting or complementary colors.

● Use big, attractive and illustrating graphic designs.

By keeping the number of elements in check, you are more likely to get your message across. Each element should express the message you are trying to convey.

Coming to the next,

Be Creative with Social Media Design.

COVID19 Awareness Design

Creativity lies in everyone, and each is unique. Create your content with out of the box thinking. This will not only help your brand in connecting with your audience but will also make the brand stand out.

Here are some of the graphic design tips from which you can get inspired :

● Fascinating photos

● Interesting backstage

● Special days such as Flashback Friday, Motivational Tuesday, etc.

● Visualizations / graphs

● Creative fonts & shapes

Attractive social media graphic posts are more likely to get shared and will automatically increase traffic on your page. Designs should flaunt your products and services.

Use these social media graphic posts tips and see how the content grabs your attention. Avoid going for the latest trends and create a design of your own that matches with your style which leaves a mark of you over your work.

And the last but not the least,

New Social Media Design Ideas.

Glance through the social media designs of trending businesses in the same industry as yours or check out the influencers in the graphic design industry. One of the trending graphic design company is MakeAnyDesign, you can take a note from.

MakeAnyDesign has unlimited graphic designs that you can go through and get new ideas for your content. Some of the finest social media graphics come from a confluence of different design techniques, so go for inspiration, venture onto new platforms without being afraid. If you are designing a startup graphic for Facebook, there are chances that you’ll get some good inspiration by searching startups on Instagram, Pinterest or over Google images.

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Social Media Design FAQs

1. What is social media design?

Social media design is a visual content that is used in digital or online marketing. It can be Twitter, Facebook, Google+ header or timeline post or blog graphics.

2. How do I pick the right social media designer of my business?

After shortlisting the candidates based on their skills and working process, look at their experience and gig galleries. Look for their previous social media designs and work to get an idea of their work. Select the one who looks good to you. Make sure you contact them and clear your doubts first.

3. How does social media affect graphic design?

There are many ways where social media affects graphic design.
Some of them are Profile/Cover images, Preference for landscape images, Typography in videos, Marketing for services, Faster and broader feedback loop