Everyday millions of email newsletters are sent out by companies to their existing and potential clients. Half of them do not even reach their viewers and end up being in trash. So, does it create the desired impact or not? Well, in order to ensure that an email newsletter design is compelling enough to be viewed, you need to inculcate a few essentials while creating the same.

Catchy And Relevant Subject

According to research, it has been proved that an average person has an attention span of mere 8 seconds! The first thing that a person is going to see in a newsletter is its subject. If the title fails to engage the viewer, he would simply close the mail. In case the subject is vague, irrelevant or outright drab, no one would even bother to skim through the remaining part of it. Thus, selection of a title can be a tricky job.

Understanding The Target Market

It’s important for companies to understand the demographics of their target market well so that the content as well as the title is tailor-made to suit their interests. For instance, if you have an online food delivery platform, the target audience would belong to the age group 18-45 years old. In this case, sending a mail related to children’s special menu would be irrelevant.

Mobile-Friendly Design

When designing email newsletter, check its compatibility across various platforms like mobile phones and tablets. Reliance on mobile phones for carrying out work, checking emails & social media has been increasing greatly. Therefore, a graphic designer must ensure that the design is not distorted on these platforms.

Creative Designing And Clean Layout

You must strive to find the perfect balance between the two. It is recommended that you get as creative as possible with your designing so that it looks appealing to the prospective clients. You can experiment with the visuals, choosing colors that are either used or associated with the business. To garner interest, opt for beautifully written content. DO NOT simply download the free templates from the internet. But bear in mind that, in order to design email newsletter that stands out, you CANNOT make it look clumsy and messy with too many elements. The final output has to be tidy with a clean layout.

Captivating Images

Images and illustrations break the monotony of the text and make the entire newsletter look attractive. The kind of visuals that you put in a mail is of immense importance.

  • All the images should be uniform. For example, if one image is like a handmade sketch, it is better to maintain the consistency so that it leaves a good impression.Inserting random images and of different kinds can be perceived as the business being indecisive and functioning in an incongruous way.
  • Try to choose photos or create ones that are relevant with your business.

Attractive Call To Action (CTA) Button

Using a newsletter, youmay want the viewers to buy your products, sign up with you, try out your service etc. Here, the CTA Buttons come to your rescue. When a potential customer clicks on the button, it automatically leads to the desired action.

For this process to occur smoothly, it is a pre-requisite that the person in inclined towards clicking the button. Thus, the CTA Buttons must be designed in a way that it not just triggers interest in the minds of the viewers but it also compels the person to carry out the desired action.

The button must be carefully placed and sized so that the chances of it being clicked increases manifold.

Cleverly Designed Footer

Always make sure that you design a footer. It should not be neglected because the footer could be used to give information regarding the company’s address, contact information and any other information that the company wishes to provide. It can also be used to denote the company’s social media presence and can be integrated with the same, that is, by clicking on the icons of the social media sites, the viewer would be redirected to the particular social media account of the company.

Always Test Before Sending

No matter what, ALWAYS check your mails before sending it out to the final list of clients. It helps in proofreading and locating technical glitches, if any. Moreover, it will also give you an idea as to how it is going tolook like, when viewed across different platforms.

Check The Analytics

Any campaign in swing is of little help when its progress or results cannot be tracked. Similar is the case with such email newsletters which can be tracked and analyzed using various tools. With the help of analytics, we can find out important data like-

  • The time when people are most likely to view the mail
  • The Click Through Rate which finds the number of people who clicked at least one link provided in the mail
  • The Conversion Rate which tracks the number of people who completed a desired action
  • Bounce Rate which denotes the total number of unsuccessful mails, that is, the ones that could not delivered to the recipient’s inbox

A few important metrics like the ones mentioned above, can be used to judge whether the campaign has been a success or not. But it is imperative that you do not compromise on the quality of your designs so that you can enhance the chances of your email marketing campaign being a fruitful one.

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