Creating t shirt design ideas lets the brain cells of creativity soar. The possibilities are endless. Creativity comes innately or is inspired.

T shirts became popular and a part and parcel of our lives since 1951 when Marlon Brando adorned one in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. It raised the status of t shirts from being a default garment for servicemen to being hip and fashionable piece of clothing for all. It eventually turned to be the most worn casual garment along the years. Be it friends gathering, visiting a theatre, shopping at a mall or exercising at a gym, t shirts have been our best buddies. Better so, if they are cool and funky looking or build a connect with the wearer.

Check out some of our amazing t shirts designs and ideas behind them.


If you have it, flaunt it. High IQ is a thing that not everyone has. Why not flaunt it on a t shirt? T shirt graphic designers can design some catchy, esoteric text with cool illustrations or can put up some equation in a funny context. The canvas is yours and you are the creator. This will not only create unique t shirt designs but also make people appreciate and value your wit. One can even select a niche audience for T shirts graphic designing such as mathematicians, physicists, chemists, etc.

Nerdy T-Shirt


Let’s admit it, we love sporty people. They are energetic, fit and athletic. If you are one of them, you can showcase that on your tee. Sports t shirts design ideas are innumerable. They can include designing elements & common imagery borrowed from some renowned teams. Vivid colors and patterns also look appealing and eye catchy. Sports t shirt designs can make anyone stand out. Not only athletes, but students and sports enthusiasts are also passionate about sports and can carry this attire to represent support for an athlete or a team.

People are often clothed in sports t shirts at stadiums to hoot for their favorite team during a match. In India, IPL cricket teams have generated quite a buck with these collector’s items.

Sporty design

Personal events & functions

Personal functions require customized texts and illustrations. Be it a pool party, a bachelors’ trip or a birthday party, t shirts designs can add a galore of fun & uniqueness to celebrations. It’s also a great present to gift to grooms & brides to tease them about their last few days of bachelorhood. T shirt design ideas for personal events should be peppy and colorful. Creative t shirt designs with special tags for individuals make participants discuss about them and have a good laugh, thereby making the event joyous.

Events shirt ideas

Corporate branding

T shirt designing for corporate should be such that the participants can take designed t shirts back and reuse as memorabilia. This will further lengthen the engagement with the corporate experience. Corporate branding t shirt designs could include creative elements or a text to motivate employees/customers. If it’s only a basic design with a logo, not many are going to adorn it for long as nobody wants to be a walking billboard. Unless it’s Gucci or Armani.

The design theme is also dependent on company’s communication (colors, tone, values) & event type. It’s not necessary that the t shirt design idea has to be professional. Play of colors & words can make any graphic design fun. This can be made for existing & potential customers and employees.

If the events are regular, a particular theme can also be used, which will make it memorable and up the game.

Corporate Branding

Self-Image T Shirt Design

Some designs can be spot on and become a medium for self-expression. It can include text & illustrations about personalities, idiosyncrasies, habits and so on. It could be slapstick comedy or sarcasm or any other genre to stick out the point. Best t shirt designs are the ones which make a statement and is worth a look.

Music Lovers

We love collector’s items. Hard Rock Café had pulled this off and people all over the world started collecting Hard Rock memorabilia from different locations. Renowned clubs can execute the same idea.
Concerts selling fan tees is also common. It portrays one’s preferences in music and represents one’s taste. It also promotes the music celebrity and is a good way of advertising and building fan community.

Tee design should not only include band logo but also evoke feelings and connection. Favourite part of lyrics can also be put on a t shirt. It shines as It talks about one’s connection with a song.

Music Lover T-Shirt

College Pride

Wearing tees which bear the name of alma mater builds association amongst students and can be worn in colleges / schools. T shirt back side can be customized with names of the individuals. A lot of students and alumni also put them on during casual outings. It instills pride to be associated with the institution and adds to fervor amongst current and ex pupils. A lot of schools and colleges also get these t shirts printed as this adds to their promotion.

T shirt designs for college events should be designed in trending color for students so they wear it long after the event gets over. Students wearing event related t shirts bring solidarity & zeal for the college during the event.

College Pride T-Shirt

TV Series & Movies T Shirt Design Ideas

We all have been binge watchers at one time. We all love the characters from our favorite shows and movies. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, James Bond, Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Jon Snow from Game of Thrones and the list continues. Graphic designing for T shirts can include famous dialogues in similar type face as the series. It can also include character drawings from popular scenes. As with tees with music related graphics, it shows that the wearer enjoys the TV show. It’s also a great conversation starter.

TV Series & Movies T-Shirt design ideas

T Shirt Design Ideas for Retail

Retail sale of tees require market research to understand what’s trending. It could include funny one-liners, memes or jokes. Quotes, super heroes and cartoons are some of the other ideas for graphic designing for t shirts. With the rise in online shopping, online sale of t shirts has picked a pace. It’s extremely crucial to get impressive graphic designs and good quality printing for them to sell.

T-Shirt design ideas For Retail

Design Ideas for Passion

It could portray one’s zeal towards yoga, travelling, reading, cooking amongst other hobbies. It can have expressive messages such as ‘what’s cooking?’ ‘Don’t hate, meditate’, etc., which signifies the activity depicted. Unique t shirt designs can also express ethical fashion such as saving the world, say no to plastic, etc., which has been on rise.

Yoga Freak

T shirts have become staple fashion for youth. Other than the themes mentioned above, latest t shirt design ideas also include psychedelic, pop art or abstract themes. The sky is the limit!

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