Graphic designing is an often underestimated yet important aspect for any business around the world. Any business in the world would require some sort of graphic designing at some point of time, be it for designing their logo, marketing materials like posters, brochures, flyers etc. or for the entire branding of the business. Its role cannot be neglected as it helps to create a brand identity for a business which helps people resonate with the particular brand. For instance, when we look at Amazon’s logo, it instantly catches our attention because of a cleverly placed arrow running from the letter A to the letter Z. This signifies two things-

  • a smile and
  • the fact that we can find everything on Amazon from A to Z

This logo is a creative genius and has surely carved a niche for itself. But then there are logos that aren’t just disastrous in terms of their designing but also convey different meanings. Graphic designing is an art which involves some serious thought and innovation on the part of the graphic designers so as to ensure that the final designs match the desired design. They play a pivotal role for any business as they are entrusted with designing the face of the face of the business, visible to the public at large. Thus, as a graphic designer, you must not leave any ambiguity in your creation as the consequences could severely affect the brand’s identity. Given below are some common graphic designing mistakes that you must steer clear from-

1. Spelling And Grammatical Errors

NEVER, I repeat, NEVER submit any document without checking for spelling and grammatical errors. When creating a design for the people to view, such a mistake could have a significant adverse impact on your brand. Such negligence could be a sign of unprofessionalism on the part of the company which could make the customers apprehensive of engaging with your brand. It reflects the careless behavior of the company which would discourage customers from trusting the brand. More importantly, potential customers refrain from using the products and services of companies with such mistakes in their marketing material because they begin to doubt the authenticity of the brand if very obvious or simple mistakes in English are made. Bottom line is that, designers have to be very careful with the language that they use because they communicate the entire customer base and potential customer base of the company.

2. Too Many Fonts

Who likes to look at visuals that are overwhelming? No one! Too many fonts when used to create any logo, poster, brochure or just about any design that is to be used by a company for its marketing purpose, leaves a wrong impression in the minds of the people. As a designer, if you clutter your design with unnecessary fonts, it leads to the following problems-

  • It makes the onlooker believe that the company is indecisive with regard to what it wants to portray. This is a major red flag because this makes the company appear less reliable and people wouldn’t want to trust such a company.
  • It makes the design look extra dramatic and its simplicity is completely lost.
  • It makes the text illegible. This happens especially with the fonts that are written in Cursive. This in turn would irritate the onlooker and they would not even bother to read the entire text.
  • It gives the impression that the designer is an amateur affects both, the company as well as the designer’s reputation.

3. Bad Color Combinations

Before you select a color scheme for the brand, graphic designers must consult with the owners or the management of the company to check with their preferences. Moreover, it is important that the designers understand the work of the company directly from the owners or the management as they would be able to guide the designers about a brand’s personality the best.

It is imperative that the chosen colors reflect a brand’s identity or it could lead to a negative brand image. For example, a business dealing in organic materials would want to stick to a color palette comprising mainly of colors like Green and Yellow. It could be misleading for the customers, potential and existing, when colors like Black or Red are used in its advertising as these colors do not resonate with something being of an organic nature. Rather, they usually portray the complete opposite.

Also, the graphic designers must be careful with the color combinations that they use. You must use colors that complement each other well and look attractive when used together. When colors like Red and Green, Blue and Purple are used together, they do not create something visually appealing. It is always advisable to do a proper due diligence when choosing two colors together so as to understand whether they look good together or not.

4. Not Purchasing A Picture Or Using A Free Stock Picture

Another mistake that a lot of inexperienced designers make is that they simply use the free stock photos in their designs. This is a strict NO when you want a professional looking design. It is better to purchase photos and then work on it so that the chances of it being duplicated are minimized. An even better option is to create something from scratch. Nothing beats your hard work and creativity.

5. Kerning Your Letters

Kerning refers to the act of adjusting the space between the letters so as to make the text look appealing and effective. It should be done very carefully because if it is not done properly, it can distort the text and its meaning. This again creates a negative brand image in the minds of the people.

Thus, as graphic designers you must be alert and avoid the aforementioned mistakes because graphic designing could either be a deal maker or a deal breaker.

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